Magasin DIKKO har ett samarbete med Södertörns högskola och kommer sända lunchseminarier varje tisdag mellan 12.00-13.00. I magasin DIKKO och Södertörns hemsida hittar ni länken till föreläsningarna. Magasin DIKKO kommer göra en blänkare om föreläsningen några dagar innan den sänds.

The Critical Romani Studies Lunch Seminar Series is a platform for sharing research-based knowledge, research ideas and research questions in the field of Critical Romani Studies. The series brings together scholars and students who want to share their knowledge with a wide audience. It is hosted by the Department of Romani Studies at Södertörn University and the Romani-Swedish magazine DIKKO.

This term the newly established Department of Romani Studies has in collaboration with the Romani journal DIKKO ( organized weekly lunch-seminars on Zoom. This is to inform you all about the coming six seminars, all taking place at lunch hour (12.00-12.30) on Zoom:

Information about the seminars can also be found in the SH-calendar:

And on our newly established Facebook-page: