Visible Gypsies are invincible Gypsies


Visible Gypsies are invincible Gypsies
Gitanos visibles, Gitanos invencibles
But, in order to be visible and invincible, solidarity – yes, that word again – has to be uppermost. We are nothing without solidarity to and with one another, regardless of group or class.

In Europe – and I am well aware that to a great extent this is due to the aftermath of Samudaripen – in many places the Rom have taken to hiding their ethnicity under various guises, often claiming to be a Mediterranean people, while in South America, Brazil especially, our Calon brethren openly parade their Romani (Cigano) ethnicity and the Romani Culture at every possible opportunity and event. And they are even proud to use the term Cigano.

They also help those less fortunate of their own community as well as others in need. Here in Europe, and also in North America, on the other hand, we Rom barely help members of our own families and clans let alone those from other clans and groups. We did once but that is now a long time ago. It boils down to the fact that many of ours have turned to be more gadjekane than the Gadje themselves.

We even helped Gadje in trouble, especially their rakle, and adopted many of those rakle into our ranks, especially those that were runaways and throwaways, as the Gadje did have a habit of abandoning children at certain times. Now this is happening among some of our groups for almost the same reasons. Oh, but I digressed again.

Visibility is our true defense together with true solidarity among our People; solidarity with and the love for all of our People, regardless of group, clan, or class. A people united can never be defeated the old socialist/communist anthem of Chile used to go and it is a fact. If we stand visible united together against the common enemy, and today, with the methods of communication this is so much easier than it used to be, we are invincible. 

Shoulder to shoulder, with arms interlinked, real and virtual, in the way the comrades of the Communist Party in Germany (DKP) went against the repressions of the police and the Stahlhelm at the end of the Weimar Republic, we can overcome the obstacles together.

Michael Smith
Tatchipen Media

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