Liberating ourselves

DIKKO kollage

First and foremost we have to liberate our own mind.
We seem to expect the Gadje, the dosman, to liberate us and give us liberty. If we believe that the oppressor is going set us free I assume we also believe that the Easter Bunny lays eggs.

Overcoming the victim mentality and setting ourselves free from mental slavery. Yes, we have been and still are victims of racial discrimination and persecution, of genocide and ethnocide, but we cannot (forever) just dwell on that. That will keep us back from being, especially as we do not have our own country – stolen from other people – and the rich countries of the world backing us.

We must get back to our roots

Few want to hear this but in order to liberate ourselves we must first and foremost reconnect with our roots and rediscover who and what we really are and were. Not believing (alone) what the “experts” have told and are telling us as to who and what we are and have been way back when.

If we had been, as the “experts” are trying to tell us, part of the so-called Untouchables in and of India (and have left as late as claimed) we most certainly would have taken more of the Hindu gods with us than just the five main ones that make up that pachayat. We also would not have been workers of metal, whether iron (a sacred metal to the old Indians), gold, silver and even copper, but we are and were with many of our ancestors being the armorers to the courts even.

While we may not have a written history and all that is written about us was written without us according to the lines of thought, for lack of a better set of words, of the Gadje and even our own academics fall into line with them. Our own academics should know better but they are – often – so far removed from the People and their ways that they wouldn’t know, and probably would not want to know because it would be a conflict between what they are writing and what is the truth. But they could not write the truth because no one would publish that truth because it does not fit the picture that the Gadje world and academia want to present of Amare Chel.

After getting back to our roots, or better still at the same time, we must get down with doing things for ourselves to liberate ourselves not just mentally but also in other ways, and that, and here I go again, by any means necessary. Not an easy task, I know, in both departments, but if not now then when and if not by ourselves then by who and if by someone else will we still be who and what we are?

Michael Smith

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