If you don’t advocate for yourself nobody will!

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“If you don’t advocate for yourself nobody will! That means especially in situations where a so called expert makes a decision for you. They do not make proper decisions for you because they can’t. It is erroneous to think they can.” ~ Unknown Author

Text: Michael Smith
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And this is where we, le Rom, have been going wrong for years, nay decades. We have not advocated for ourselves but have waited on others, demanded from others, that they do it for us.

“Oh, we can’t do this ourselves. We are not clever enough.” I have heard so often, from old Rom but also the not so old ones. “Better let this Gadjo or that expert do it for us.” And here is exactly where the “hare lied buried” as a German proverb goes in translation.

We let the experts, the majority of them being Gadje, do things for us and then find ourselves complaining, mostly not to the experts but among ourselves, that they didn’t do it the way we really need it or not according to Romanipen or whatever.

The Gadje will not and cannot properly advocate for us and represent us because they do not know what we need and want and even the self-proclaimed “leaders” of ours will not do it because they will not bite the hand that feeds them.

The “leaders” also would not know the needs and wants of us, the People, because they hardly, if ever, set foot among the grassroots and talk with them and ask. They make the decisions from above, so to speak, about what is needed because those projects they propose attract money. The projects are but phantoms and help never gets to the People.

Only we, ourselves alone, can advocate for ourselves and represent ourselves. It has to be from the bottom up and not the other way.


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