Slavery alone does not explain the current situation

Detta är en insändare. Det betyder att en läsare har skickat in texten för publicering. Innehållet är insändarskribentens egen uppfattning.

Slavery alone does not explain the current situation that we are experiencing in the Romani community, as regards to hiding identity, and such, and neither does Samudaripen.

We once were a proud People and looked the world squarely in the eye, even when enslaved in Romania (and elsewhere) and, to some degree, this look can still be found in the young of Amare Chave. The older Amare Chel, however, get the more they seem to be influenced by the Gadje and our own “experts” and begin to perpetuate the common victimhood.

It would appear that some of the problems are very much of our own making and not the result of trauma, though some surely are, and the other part of the problem is that we, many of us, have taken far too much the garbage on board that the experts tell about us, including those that claim to be of the People, and are ashamed of what who and we are, because of what we have told we are and have been.

Another part, and that is one of our own making, is that many want to be just like the Gadje, and nowadays more than ever. We are the same are they, they say. No, we are not the same; that is the very reason we always remained aloof from the Gadje. We have a different Culture and different values to the Gadje.

We, le Rom, were not pariah, outcasts, low caste and untouchables in India, as claimed by some many self-proclaimed “experts” on Amare Chel, but in fact the opposite. This is shown in the way that we have always considered the Gadje and treated them. As customers yes, but that was about all.

However, because we have been so eager to believe what the “experts” have told us, many of us now see themselves as such and thus try their very best to either hide their ancestry or at worst try to become more and more like the Gadje emulating them in every way.

The current situation of our People is much more a result of what has been happening ever since slavery and Samudaripen than of the two events and others, and that was what the “experts” have done to the psyche of Amare Chel by indoctrinating them that instead of being what we have always been aware of, a People apart, that we are just untouchables and the lowest of the low. Creating a victim mentality that has been affecting almost everyone of our People, from the old to the young. Only by breaking through and out of this vicious circle imposed upon us can we be set free as a People, and we can only do this ourselves and must do so.

Michael Smith

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