Summary Report – International Conference on the Genocide of the Roma and Combating Antigypsyism

Dear participants of the International Conference on the Genocide of the Roma and Combating Antigypsyism held on 20-21 October 2022 in Stockholm,

First of all, thank you very much for contributing to the success and impact of this conference, by participating in panels, raising questions for discussion, suggesting and formulating recommendations, networking in the margins and taking part online. Please find attached the summary report from the conference, a draft of which was discussed at the second plenary meeting of the Swedish IHRA Presidency in Gothenburg on 28 November – 1 December 2022.

As you may recall, objectives of the conference included taking stock of existing research on the genocide of the Roma; identifying obstacles, gaps and needs; sharing IHRA knowledge and recommendations; stimulating cooperation and proactively working together for impact. The conference also aimed to highlight current research on how the genocide of the Roma feeds into the discrimination and prejudice that many Roma face today. Topics for discussion included historical perspectives on antigypsyism and the genocide of the Roma in the Nordic region, issues concerning testimonies and recognition, and how education can contribute to combating antigypsyism today.

Our impression is that the conference has paved the way for more dialogue on more issues in a broadened network, and we are confident that this provides a momentum to build on also going forward so that we, together, can make real headway in our joint work for remembrance of the genocide of the Roma and against antigypsyism.  

Best regards,

Ambassador Ann Bernes

IHRA Chair

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