Training of Trainers “Council of Europe standards on racially motivated crimes and non-discrimination”

From 29th November until 2nd December 2022 the Council of Europe Roma and Travellers Team organised a training of trainers on the 2nd edition of the Toolkit for Police Officers: Council of Europe standards on racially motivated crimes and non-discrimination. The training gathered instructors from police departments, police academies, national law enforcement bodies and legal professionals from Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Romania, United Kingdom, North Macedonia, Greece and Moldova.

The participants discussed various forms of discrimination, including harassment, hate speech and hate crimes in many Council of Europe’s member States as well as relevant case-law of the European Court of Human Rights, aiming to support police officers in better understanding, investigating and prosecuting human rights violations.

Police officers are among the first ones to interact with people who have been the victims of hate speech, harassment, crimes motivated by race, and other human rights violations. As a result, they play a crucial role in ensuring that the vulnerable communities, including Roma and Travellers, have guaranteed access to justice. It is expected that based on this type of training all police officers, from the lowest to the highest rank, can be fully informed of the most recent developments in human rights standards and practices and are able to apply them in their daily work.

The 2nd edition of the CoE’s Toolkit used as a foundation for this training should be considered as an awareness raising and educational tool as it includes proposals for training events and information sessions with/for police officers and other law enforcement officials.



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