A newly published online magazinecauses havoc

Detta är en insändare. Det betyder att en läsare har skickat in texten för publicering. Innehållet är insändarskribentens egen uppfattning.

A newly created online news paper which is about to be published, has created havoc among the Norwegian Romani (Traveler) people. The online news paper will mainly publish articles related to the minority which is called Romani people. Some of them also refer to themselves as Travelers or Tater. Although the last name is not liked among several members within these groups.

They feel the name “Tater” is a derogatory name. Although the biggest organization in Norway call themselves that. And this name is one of the main reasons for the heated debate which has taken place in Norway lately, within the Romani communities online (and home as well). Because the news paper was supposed to be called “Tatarene” in Norwegian, which really provoked many.

The other reasons are also the fact that many didn’t even want a newspaper, or any online magazine at all in regards to their own people. The main arguments where they could not see why it was of any use, what they could write about which was news worthy, or the fact that they were very able themselves to spread information among themselves like the old days. Personally, I think it is about that we had our own magazine or news outlet which concentrated on material related to us as a minority.

There is nothing new about the bickering among the Norwegian Travelers (Romani people). This is something that has been going on for a couple of decades already. In fact, ever since they started to organize themselves the arguments have been flying back and forth between groups and individuals.

I always say, sarcastically, that today’s Travelers have indeed managed to become assimilated in to the greater society. Just as the state and society tried to force them to be for hundreds of years. Many have really become petty gossip mongers, judges of other people, and suspicious of anyone claiming to be of Romani stock. Well done (being sarcastic again), you are now a good standard citizen of the country.

The discussion around the planned name and why the online magazine should be launched, escalated rapidly into personal attacks where people got told off, and the gossip and rumor mongers got a green light to “fire at will” at anyone they disagreed with. No matter how well though the arguments would be. They didn’t like the argument, they could fire away with insults. And as usual, the smaller leaders within certain groups such as friends, and friend of friends, etc, jumped on the bandwagons again, and took part in the personal attacks and mockery of the ones they disagreed with.

I got to say, once again, I am sometimes ashamed to be of Traveler stock. The bad blood and extremely ugly behavior so many of them display is appalling at best. When they don’t complain about every petty little ting and feel sorry for themselves, they come together as smaller or bigger groups and basically harass people away from various Forums, online groups and organizations. They sit on their high horses being judgmental about anyone not mindlessly agrees with whatever they say or their leaders say. Shameful shit! Nothing less than shameful shit!

Rgds, Kai Angry Traveler (this time)

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