A river that forgets its source will soon dry out


A river that forgets its source will soon dry out. ~ African proverb

This African proverb is a great allegory as to people forgetting, denying and even rejecting their background and ancestry and that is what it is also all about.

It is also a great way for the powers that be to commit ethnocide without firing a single shot or actually committing murder. All they have to do is to cut the people off from the source, the wellspring, and sooner rather than later the people, as an ethnicity, will cease to exist because they themselves no longer remember.

We can see this, as far as Amare Rom are concerned, especially in many of the self-styled and self-appointed leaders who are not just cut off from the People, though their own doing, but have cut themselves off from the source and while they claim to be Rom, and may, indeed, be by ancestry, they are empty shells and clanging bells and use and abuse the People, especially the poor among Amare, as a means of exercising political power and to fill their pockets.

Though, it has to be said, those “leaders” are not the only ones who have cut themselves off from the source, or allowed themselves to be cut off from the source. Others have done so out of fear and in the hope of hiding, and due to the hiding losing their roots, to escape unnoticed though, in the end, that has not helped but the damage to them and their families by way of loss of roots has been done and often is almost irreparable.

Others, again, have allowed themselves to be, or have forced to be, cut off from the source of the Romani river of life which is our Romanipen, consisting of our Culture, our Customs and our Traditions, spiritual and secular, although most of our secular parts of our Culture are based also on and anchored in the spiritual side, by certain other religious groups in order to attain membership.

While the Chib is also part of the source and there are a good number of Amare who have lost most or all of it for various reasons, one of them being that in some countries during certain times the very speaking of Amari Chib was a capital offense, it is but secondary to the (other) aspects of our Culture, Customs and Traditions, to Romanipen.

Many of the clanging bells mentioned earlier rokker the Chib but have nothing else and hence they press for the Chib to be the most important aspect, even to such an extent that they claim that without the Chib one cannot be Rom and trying to declare all Rom that do not rokker the Chib as non-Rom because of the lack of Chib.

Those clanging bells work hard for their masters in Brussels, and elsewhere, to divide Amare Chel so that there will not be a powerful union of the People able to emerge that will take the fight to the enemy. Divide and rule has been used so many times, and not just against us, and that, unfortunately, also very successfully.

Why do so many of Amare Chel flock to the Pentecostal Churches and others of that order? Because of a lack of unity and community among Amare Chel and not because the g-d actually does anything for them. The churches promise them a great deal, aside from the stories about salvation, but generally the only ones who benefit are the pastors of those churches and the poor Rom are left, deliberately, poor. The majority of those pastors are like the “leaders”, namely clanging bells and empty vessels interested only in how much money they can make of the backs of the poor Rom.

There is no g-d who will save the Rom and lift them out of poverty. We have to do that ourselves and we can only do that if we are united as a People and are connected to the source which makes us a People, and ethnicity. Without connection to and being rooted in the source we are nothing.

We need to undo the blockage, break the dam and let the water of the source flow freely again through the veins of the People.

Michael Smith

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