Call for applications to participate in the 17th meeting of the Council of Europe Dialogue with Roma and Traveller civil society

The 17th meeting of the Council of Europe Dialogue with Roma and Traveller civil society (Concept note) is scheduled to take place on 11-12 June 2024 in hybrid format, in Strasbourg and online, and it will focus on the topic of Teaching Roma and Travellers History and on Roma Holocaust Remembrance, Recognition and Education

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The participants will:

  • Take stock of recognition and remembrance of the Roma Holocaust in Council of Europe member States (e.g. Holocaust Memorial Days, memorial sites, securing and disseminating survivors’ testimonies, actions to prevent and combat of Holocaust distortion and denial)
  • Highlight and exchange examples of good practice related to the teaching of Roma and Traveller history
  • Address the increasing antigypsyism, its historical roots and the role of history teaching on combating it
  • Discuss the Council of Europe standards and instruments related to Roma and Traveller history teaching that civil society organisations can promote in their member States
  • Discuss the ”Capacity building programme and tools supporting the implementation of Rec CM/Rec (2020)2 on the inclusion of the history of Roma and/or Travellers in school curricula and teaching materials at national level”
  • Strategise on the visibility and recognition of the Roma Holocaust that should be built around the 80th anniversary on 2 August 2024
  • Discuss the upcoming the European Union/Council of Europe Joint Programme ” Equality and freedom from discrimination for Roma: Roma Holocaust Remembrance and Education (RomaMemory)” and discuss possible synergies with the initiatives promoted by the Joint Programme.

Selection criteria for Dialogue participants:

  • geographical representation of the participants at national and regional levels and across Council of Europe member States;
  • age and gender balance;
  • experience and expertise regarding the teaching of Roma and Traveller history and Holocaust Remembrance, development of curricula, teaching materials, formal and non-formal learning environments and trainings for this kind of teaching and awareness raising purposes;
  • current or latest contribution or project implementation in the field of history teaching and Holocaust remembrance;
  • participation in processes of history curricula reform, production of relevant Roma and Traveller history and Holocaust Remembrance teaching materials, trainings and events;
  • Engagement in relevant teacher training work and participation in different kinds of evaluation as well as research and development processes concerning these areas of action;
  • ability to work orally and in writing in at least one of the official languages of the Council of Europe (English or French) or in Romani;
  • personal motivation.

The call is open to representatives of Roma and Traveller civil society organisations.

Interested candidates must complete an online Application Form by 22 April 2024, midnight, Central European Time (CET). Incomplete applications or applications received after that deadline will not be considered.

Only successful applicants will be informed.

Notifications will be sent out by 6 May 2024.

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