Debatt| How long are we going to sit and wait for someone else to fix things for us?


In general, when it comes to integration, with which the Gadje actually mean assimilation, and to jobs for the Rom generally it is the – pardon my language – shitty ones that the Gadje do not want to do.

It is, therefore, time that, instead of waiting for someone (and we all are, actually, someone and possibly just the one we are waiting for) to do something and fix things for us, we actually got the finger out and did things for ourselves.

The Gadje, and especially Gadje bodies, including the EU, are not going to do something for us, especially not what we need. They come with their own agenda or even agendas and they do not, necessarily, coincide with our own. The same goes for schooling where Amare Chave will never be treated to cultural responsive education though it may well be used for Black and Asian children.

The answer to all our problems is in our own hands but, alas, all too many, including and especially the “activists”, demand action from the Gadje and governments to do something for us, le Rom. Also many Rom have the same attitude, whether it be about a leaky roof of a shack needing fixing (someone has to fix it for us, is the call) or whatever else. It also, very often does not even require money, or at least not very much of it. All it needs is our own hands, more often than not. Yes, we might get them dirty doing things but where is the problem about that?

This problem seem to be extremely prevalent with Amare Rom in Eastern Europe and, to some extent, it is a hangover from the communist era where things were being done for them; or, at least, so it would appear.

We seem to have a serious problem and the problem, in fact, is us. That is the problem that does need fixing. If a roof of a shack or other home needs fixing then that is something we all can help to do. If we want cultural responsive and appropriate education for Amare Chave then we need to create such schooling (the Gadje are not going to do it for us). If it is about jobs and economical activities, especially those, as per our custom, that do not involve working for a Gadje employer, once again, then it is down to us to create such. The Gadje are not going to do it for us. What is so difficult about it? It does not require rocket science or knowledge of brain surgery. All it requires is some lateral thinking and the will to actually do something for ourselves. But, for many, that will seems to be sadly lacking, and maybe even the ability, or the will to think laterally.

There was a time when we, as a People, we extremely self-reliant, and even self-sufficient to a great degree, and we did not want much from the Gadje bar selling our products and services to them and definitely had no wish to be dependent on them in other ways. Something seems to have gone seriously wrong over time and it would appear that this happened around the time certain organizations appeared promising so much and delivering nothing, with the exception of making some of the “leaders” quite wealthy.

We need to stop sitting around and waiting for someone to come and fix things for us, to do something for us, be that the organizations, in which case we will be waiting for ever, or the Gadje and their governments, in which case things will only get done as they deem that we need and how we need them. If we want things done in the way that we need and want them it is down to us, the “ordinary” Rom, Romni, Chavo and Shei to do things – for ourselves. This goes for education, work (I deliberately do not say jobs as that, generally, implies becoming part of the capitalist slave market) and everything else.

If we want Amare Chave to be educated in a setting where our Culture, Customs and Traditions are respected and where a child can attend lessons even if his mother has just got all his clothes in the wash then this can only be done by us.

If we want work that enables us to live by our Rules and Customs and independent from the Gadje slave market then, again, this can only be done by ourselves. But it all can be done. We just need the will to do so and, maybe, a little help and guidance from those of us to our Brothers and Sisters who cannot think as lateral as we may be able to. We need so real mutual aid and in that way, by doing things for ourselves, we will be able to liberate ourselves and bring all of Amare Chel out of poverty.

That does not mean that everyone will be rich and drive a Rolls Royce or a  Bentley or even one that is a little cheaper, such as a Mercedes, and live in a mansion or palace, like some of those who have gotten rich on the backs of the poor Rom do, but that, hopefully, everyone can live decently and that no adult or child of ours goes hungry any longer.

Enough is enough and it is time we, ourselves, took matters into our own hand. We should never have waited for others, neither the organizations, nor the Gadje bodies nor Gadje in general, but done things for ourselves a very long time ago.

2020 ©Michael Smith

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