Divide and rule

In the game of divide and conquer we are merely pawns. They keep us busy fighting each other instead of fighting them.

It is high time that we, le Rom, everywhere, realized that and it is not just the Gadje who are playing this game with us but very much and especially our so-called “leaders”, because it suits them.

If we are divided they, and their masters, can manipulate and control us. United, as one, or more or less, we are a danger to their ambitions to destroy us as a People, as an ethnic entity. Yes, the baros themselves are part of that game of the Gadje, whether local governments or on a higher level, such as the European Union.

There are well over 16 Million Romani in Europe, and that is only those that are openly admitting their ethnicity with probably ten times as many who are hiding. Alone with the 16 Million we would be, as a country population, larger than Denmark and Finland combined.

But, we lack the power of a nation and that not because we are dispersed in diaspora but because we are not united and we are being kept in this disunity by those that many look up to as “leaders”.

It is also in the interest of those “leaders” to keep the majority of Rom in a state of abject poverty because it brings those “leaders” the funds to keep their lavish lifestyles going; money that they obtain from various sources in the pretense of wanting to create projects to help the poor Roma.

This is another reason why they do their utmost to keep us disunited and fight among one another by whatever means possible, because united we could achieve something without them and thus they would lose their ill-gotten gains and regular incomes.

Just for a moment imagine a united Nation of le Rom, of whatever nuance, tribe, clan, etc., although not in one single country but remaining in the diaspora in which we are, and what we could achieve for all of Amare Chel if we but worked together.

With the technology at our disposal, even though some would need help to access such technology and understand it, the possibilities are almost limitless, for co-operation in all manner of things and to build a virtual country, so to speak.

But, hey, that would mean looking forward to create a better future for Amare and Amare Chave and that we must not do, if we follow the instructions from the baros. We must look back, as far as they and their masters are concerned, to the past to remember and call out the names of the dead, which is taboo. That way we will not see the dangers ahead and neither be able to get ahead in other ways.

We are deliberately being held back by those who claim to be our representatives because it suits them and their agendas as much as the agendas of the Gadje (authorities). Time we put a spanner in their works and liberated ourselves from them and their Gadje masters, and man so-called and self-proclaimed “activist”, Gadje and Rom alike, also have the same masters and paymasters.

De oppresso liber

Michael Smith
Tatchipen Media