Open call för Roma producers

We are pleased to announce the forging of a new partnership with Marché du Film and ImpACT Lab which aims to bridge the gap between Roma representation on film and the lived experience of contemporary Roma communities across Europe. It is time to address the film industry´s responsibility in representing Roma in dominantly stereotypical and racist ways.

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This partnership with Marché du Film and ImpACT Lab offers a scholarship for one producer of self-declared Romani identity, to participate in the ImpACT Lab Workshops during the Cannes Film Festival in May 2024. The selected producer will also benefit from the possibility to participate in the Marché du Film and Producers Network events.

We are looking for an emerging talent, with relevant industry experience, and the motivation to learn, grow further, and nurture others with this newly obtained knowledge. The successful applicant will have to act as a multiplier of the knowledge and share his/her/their learning in the frame of a network meeting held for ERIAC membership, at a later point. The applications will be evaluated by an international Jury consisting of industry professionals.

ImpACT Lab is a program designed to foster international co-production opportunities and guide producers to create meaningful, sustainable, and impactful films. The workshop series aims to foster an exchange of ideas between producers, about sustainable production practices, inclusion in every step of production, definition of impactful content, and reflection on the current industry climate and its evolution. The workshops are focused on diversity, sustainability, and the film industry’s future; they are time-limited, with less possibility to go into details about further interesting topics. Therefore, the goal is to generate discussion among the group of participants, allowing knowledge sharing and enriching the participants’ perspectives based on the diverse backgrounds of the attendees. Additionally, the workshops are designed for a small group of 10 producers, which facilitates the exchange of opinions and creates a kind of ” group or community feeling” during their participation in Cannes.

The scholarship consists of:

  • Travel reimbursement of up to 1.000€ and accommodation (5 nights covered) in Cannes
  • Marché du Film and Producers Network accreditation
  • Benefit from the online (2) and onsite (3) workshops specially prepared for ImpACT Lab selected participants
  • Participation in other activities organized for producers and Marché du Film accreditees at the Marché du Film

Applicants have to make sure to have the necessary legal documents (for ex. VISA) in place.

Criteria for selection:

Applicants should send a Letter of Interest in which they shortly outline their experience, and the project they are currently working on, and explain their motivation for why they wish to attend. Please make clear reference to your track record, company information, your existing partnerships, and gathered funds for production. Additionally, explain why you would be interested in participating in these workshops on the future of the sustainable industry and how this relates to your work. Applications demonstrating an interest in a more sustainable film industry will be positively valued.

Ideally, applicants should be working on their first feature film (fiction or documentary) and open to co-production. The selected applicant should be able to travel and participate both in online and on-site workshops with the other selected producers.

The scholarship is directed strictly towards producers.

Apply with:

  • Letter of Interest (for its content, double check the selection criteria)
  • Company description/track record
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Self-declaration of Roma identity

Send your application by Tuesday, March 21 EOB to with the subject line: Application to ImpACT Lab Workshops in Cannes 2024

Deadline for applications:

Thu, March 21, 2024, EOB


  • End of March – Jury session
  • First week of April – notification of the selected producer
  • Beginning of May – participation in online workshops (2) with other selected producers (closed group of max. 10 participants)
  • 15 May – 20 May – main activities of Producers Network + impACT Lab onsite workshops

At the heart of the world’s most prestigious film festival, the Marché du Film welcomes participants from all over the world every year. To date, it represents the largest international gathering of professionals in the film industry. impACT aims to spark dialogue about the topics shaping today’s cinema climate and give industry pros the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions and take action to make changes that will influence the sector in years to come. For more information on ImpACT Lab and Marché du Film activities in Cannes, visit:

ERIAC was officially established on 7 June 2017, in Berlin, Germany. The Institute is a joint initiative of the Council of Europe (CoE), the Open Society Foundations (OSF), and the Roma Leaders’ initiative – the Alliance for the European Roma Institute. ERIAC has a unique mandate as the first transnational organization for the recognition of Roma arts and culture. The Institute functions as a transnational creative hub, supporting the exchange of creative ideas across borders, cultural domains, and Romani identities. ERIAC highlights the numerous and multifaceted Romani contributions to European culture, talent, success, and achievement, as well as documenting the historical experiences of Romani people across Europe.

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