Transcontinental Collaboration: A Concert of Sinti and Roma and American Jazz

ERIAC presents this performance as a part of their new music initiative. It will feature some of the most widely acclaimed artists in the tradition of Sinti and Roma jazz: Sandro Roy, violin; Jermaine Landsberger, piano; and Janko Lauenberger, guitar. Gabriel Condon, a DAAD scholar and doctoral student-researcher from the University of Michigan, United States will join them on guitar.

Thursday 28 July 2022
Stiftung Kai Dikhas (Prinzenstraße 84, 10969 Berlin)
Free admission

The series illustrates the importance of jazz to Sinti and Roma communities, and also demonstrates the unique contribution of Roma and Sinti musicians to European jazz. Gabriel Condon is a DAAD scholar and doctoral student-researcher at the University of Michigan, in the United States, who conducted the interviews and will be sharing them on the RomaMoMA blog. Support is provided by ERIAC, the German Academic Exchange (DAAD), and the University of Michigan International Institute, the Weiser Center for Europe and Eurasia, and the School of Music Theater, and Dance EXCEL Enterprise Fund.

Together, this all-star ensemble will perform a diverse selection from both the Sinti and Roma and American jazz styles, as well as repertoire that bridge both traditions. Condon will share brief anecdotes from his research, which focuses on the intersections of Sinti and Roma jazz, identity, and culture.

Condon has been working with ERIAC this summer to coordinate their new music initiative, which in addition to this concert, features an interview series entitled, The Cultural Roots of Sinti and Roma Jazz. The series illustrates the important role of jazz as an oral tradition in Sinti and Roma communities. It also highlights Sinti and Roma teaching methods and their unique philosophical perspectives about jazz.

About the artists:

JERMAINE LANDSBERGER is an internationally acclaimed jazz pianist. He has collaborated with some of America’s greatest jazz artists including Pat Martino and Harvey Mason. For more info, visit his website:

SANDRO ROY is an internationally acclaimed violinists in the both the classical and jazz genres. He has performed at major festivals and venues throughout Europe and the United States. He has played as a soloist with the NDR Big Band and the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen. For more info, visit his website:

GABRIEL CONDON has taught at Washington State University and Ithaca College. He has performed at venues including at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. For more info, visit his website:

You can learn more about Django Always on Facebook: and YouTube: Tschavolo’s CD is available for purchase at:

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Additionally, ERIAC launches the interview series ”The Cultural Roots of Sinti and Roma Jazz.” Gabriel Condon, a doctoral student-researcher from the University of Michigan, United States, will interview Sinti and Roma jazz musicians about their music, culture, identity, and teaching philosophy. Part 1 features the father-and-son duo, Tschavolo Carlito Vlasák and Carlos Kaja Vlasák at the Django Reinhardt Festival in Hildesheim. For more of the interview and the performance (with closed captions), as well as details about the artists and the interview series visit the ROMAMoMA blog.


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