By any means necessary

Civila romer i Asperg , Tyskland, samlas inför utvisning av tyska myndigheter den 22 maj 1940. Wikipedia

What do I mean with “by any means necessary”? Well, exactly that, namely we need to by any means necessary ensure the survival of Amare Chel as an ethnic entity and if those means run counter to Gadje expectations, norms and even laws then so be it. It is our survival and that of Amare Chave that is at stake and not theirs.

For far too long we have been relying on- and “praying” for someone to do something (for us) and to “give” us liberty, forgetting that we are someone, all of us are someone who can do something. Generally, alas, we expect those doing something for us to be Gadje under Gadje laws and regulations. Honestly, if we believe that the oppressor is going to give us freedom and help us then I don’t know how we tick.

The oppressor is not going to, ever, give us the liberty that we desire nor will he give us the means to advance while remaining a Nation apart. For the Gadje, the oppressor, it is either a case for us of assimilate or die. It is as simple as that. We either become like the Gadje and forget who and what we are or we are not welcome. We have ourselves to change that because no one will do that for us if we do not with to commit ethnocide.

In this present day we are seeing the reemergence of organized Gypsy Hunts, in many cases now not only anymore perpetrated by general fascist elements but by the authorities themselves, and one of the “hunts” is also the targeted removal of Amare Chave from their families under many pretenses and to have them adopted out, by force, to Gadje families or put into institutions if the former is not possible.

There are families of Amare who rather abandoned their Chave to the streets if they are unable to feed all of them than to have them snatched by the authorities, though at times such abandonment happens for other reasons (and yes, whatever some wish to believe and claim such acts do happen). The Gadje authorities are not the friends of Amare Chel and Amare Chave, whatever they may say on the outside.

When police officers in EU member states can kill Rom with impunity, which has happened now more than once, and beat up Chave, even pre-teens, without their ministries and the EU batting an eyelid then we should realize from which direction o Balval blows, and it is not from a pleasant direction.

But, hey, let’s just have some more memorials to the victims (of Samudaripen), some more commemorations of such events, write some letters of MPs, MEPs, embassies, the UN, etc., and all will be well. Well, it will not be and it will not do and do anything.

The enemy was quiet for a fair number of decades, to some extent, but he was only resting, recuperating and regrouping and is slowly, but surely, advancing again.

Even in countries were things have been, for long or even almost for ever, relatively quiet with regards to persecutions of Amare Chel, such as in South American countries including and especially Brazil, under Bolsonaro, some members of of Policia Militar in some regions have taken it upon themselves to commit murder in organized Gypsy Hunts.

Maybe if we all get on our knees and pray and also beg them nicely to stop and tell them how evil it all was with Samudaripen they may all repent and be nice (sorry about my sarcasm; it’s the only way I can handle this). I tell you neither prayer to any of the gods we might choose not begging those creatures and their masters will make any difference. That is not a language that they understand, unfortunately. And, as far as any gods are concerned their hands and feet down here are we. None of them is coming down from up there to do anything; it is down to us.

We, and especially Amare Chave in peril, cannot wait any longer for some miracle or for someone – someone other than us – to do something. Every one of us is a someone that must do something if we truly see one another a one Body, as one Family, as one People, and as brothers and sisters.

Many parts of the body are hurting and if some do not feel it then it must mean that those are no longer part of the body, having themselves cut off.

Michael Smith

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