The worst wheel of the cart makes the most noise

The worst wheel of the cart makes the most noise. ~ BENJAMIN FRANKLIN

Time and again we see this with those that claim leadership among Amare Chel, who have not been elected by the People, and also by the academics of Romani descent, who often run about as Gypsyologists, and who even have professorships at universities, teaching Romani culture of which they have little to no knowledge proper, with one or two exceptions; the latter being Brazilian Calon.

The worse they are the bigger the noise they make and the bigger the waves they make. They are also the ones that are then feted by the Gadje elite and that should tell us a great deal.

If and when the Gadje, especially politicians and governments, elevate and fete a Rom or Romni as a “leader” or “expert” there is generally something wrong. It means that this “leader” or “expert” has been bought and paid for by those Gadje, make no mistake about it. And, more often than not, Amare Chel fall for this.

Many of those who behave in such a way would, in the old days, have been excluded from the People by having been declared unclean – in a cultural way – and would have been palechido. A sentence such as this would have been akin to a death sentence in those times while today it has, obviously, little meaning other than cultural.

Many of those bad wheels also live a totally gadjekane life and would not know Romanipen if it bit them in the proverbial. The Bible has a nice text about this – even though I have little time for the G-d who that book deals with – and that is “by their fruits you shall know them” and to that we could add “by and in the way that they live”.

A great many of those are, if they are married, not joined to a Rom or Romni but to a Gadjo or Gadji, and Romanipen is definitely not part of their way of life. Others, at least a number of them, and I could name names, while married to a Romni have a Gadje woman in every port, as they used to say about sailors and their brides, and even have children with them which some of them deny and do not support.

Certain academics, or, as I like to call them epidemics, in the field of Gypsyology, for that is the field they generally play about in, Gadje and Rom alike, use the People just as a source of information, be it regarding the language or other things and then misuse much of it. Her too I could name many names but will refrain from doing so.

We could say, honestly, that we have a problem and the problem is us. Why are we the problem? Because we either allow those people to be and keep making this loud noise by our indifference or worse by celebrating them as the Gadje do because they are celebrated by the Gadje. This or that Rom has been recognized by the Gadje it is then said. Yes, and that should be a warning to us rather than a cause for celebration. If you are not a thorn in their side you are not doing your job of fighting for the People.

Michael Smith

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