Czech politicians call for modern concentration camps for Rom

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If this is not going to be a wake up call for many that remembering the Holocaust of Amare Chel is not changing the attitude of the Gadje, the doshman, then nothing will ever wake them up.

I have seen the writing on the wall for many years already with rhetorics that came out of the mouths of various politicians and others, especially in Eastern Europe but have been told that I was seeing ghosts, so to speak, and that all we would have to do is to educate the Gadje about what happened during the Holocaust to Amare Chel and it would not happen again.

We have now been telling the Gadje for decades and things have not gotten better. They are getting worse, and not just as far as the poverty of the majority of Amare Chel and Amare Chave is concerned. Pogroms are on the rise again, many of which we do not even hear about, with Amare Chave being beaten, tortured, raped and murdered.

But hey, let’s just keep looking back and remembering the past and, against all the taboos, read out the names of the martyrs, and the Gadje will amend their ways. Will they ***! All I am waiting for is that someone will say that we should kneel and pray to the Gadje G-d and all will be fine and I will throw up.

Yes, I am getting angry. Angry at the Gadje, but then they are Gadje, but even more so at our “leaders” who are so deafening by their silence and especially about their inaction and their belief that by talking nicely to the Gadje they are going to achieve something. Or is that belief in fact a case of being in league with o Beng, in this case the Gadje politicians? Are they, and I have to say I perceive them as such, the doshman of the Chel?

They appear to me very much like the “leaders” of the Blacks in Southern Africa who were the chiefs in the Bantustans and worked with the Boers of the Apartheid regime of South Africa and such. Like the Capos who kept order in the camps against their own people.

It is time we raised a different flag. Not the white one of surrender and of assimilation but the red one of revolution, or better still our original Tricolor of the blue and the red and the green. Forget the Indian spinning wheel that certain people have chosen. The first national flag vash Amare Chel was the Tricolor I mentioned. The blue for the sky, the red because it is our sacred color and the green for the earth.

But aside from the flag it is time to raise the standards of war and it is time to take the war to the doshman. It is the only language he understands. We have talked long enough and it has gotten us nowhere.

In Britain now the new law, the one that will make being an itinerant Gypsy a crime, I have, more or less, also predicted when they changed the way they looked at the definition of what makes and ethnic Gypsy under the law, and made it so that in order to qualify one would have to be traveling for much of the year. Now that has become a crime. No traveling Gypsy no more ethnic protection as Gypsy. Simple, isn’t it. I saw it coming and said so and everyone laughed.

If the cannot kill us with gas chambers or bullets they will just use ethnocide. First remove the “protection”, then remove our children into government approved establishment (like they did to the Native Americans) and educate the Gypsy out of them, and, in a space of time there will not be any ethnicity of the Romani anymore because none of them will remember that they are.

We have been on our knees for so long begging the Gadje for our freedom to be a People apart while, at the same time, being part of the whole. But, as far as the Gadje are concerned, the Gypsy has to die, be this physically or otherwise. Dosta, dosta hi! Enough is enough! It is time to act! The time for talking nicely is over and the time for begging for our rights definitely.

2021 © Michael Smith

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