ERIAC BARVALIPE ACADEMY elects two members to sit on te ERIAC board

On January 26, 2022, the Barvalipe Academy of the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC) held its seventh meeting. This is the first meeting of the complete Barvalipe Academy with the members who were newly nominated by the Board and appointed by the General Assembly, following internal elections conducted in each of the four thematic sections of ERIAC in December 2021. Find here the General Assembly Minutes

To fulfill its statutory obligations, the seventh Barvalipe Academy meeting had the objectives of appointing two new members to the Pakiv Board and electing new Chair and Vice-Chair of the Barvalipe Academy.

Following the internal voting procedure, the two new members of Barvalipe Academy appointed as delegates to the Board of the Association are:

  • Gilda Horvath (re-appointed for the second term) – 12/12 votes
  • Ismael Cortes – 12/12 votes

After the voting for the representatives delegated to the Board the meeting continued with voting for the Chair and Vice-chair of the Barvalipe Academy statutory body, which previously were represented by Maria Bogdan (chairwoman) and Ismael Cortes (vice-chair). The internal voting produced the following result:

  • Maria Bogdan – elected as Chairwoman (re-appointed for the second term)
  • Santino Spinelli – elected as Vice-Chair

In accordance with ERIAC Statute, no Board member can also be a Barvalipe Academy member. Following the Rules of Procedure and internal regulations deriving from the ERIAC Statutes, and elected substitutes in each corresponding section, presented during the ERIAC General Assembly on December 9 2021, will be delegated to the Barvalipe Academy.  These are, accordingly:

  • Substitute for Gilda Horvath, appointed by the Media and Information thematic section: Sami Mustafa
  • Substitute for Ismael Cortes, appointed by the History and Commemoration thematic section: Hristo Kyuchukov

All persons accepted the election results.

Congratulations to the new Board Members and Barvalipe Academy Members!


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