Hjälp Selina, en liten, sjuk, romsk ficka

Selina who is a very sick girl and her family live in Romania very poor conditions. THIS IS HER OFFICIAL FUNDRAISING PAGE, check it, read her sad story and support her!

Källa: Donatii Selina Maria

This little Roma girl is from my community and needs urgent health treatment. I created a page for the parents but we need more people donating. Maybe a small news can help us spread the word.

Hjälp en liten flicka

Selina Maria is an extremely energetic girl from Slatina, Romania. Since she was born, she has brought great joy to her family and her pure and beautiful smile has been loved ever since she entered to this world.

Unfortunately, at the age of one year and eight months, Selina Maria presented problems with speech, hearing and understanding. After years of investigations, refusals and indifference from doctors, the child was diagnosed with profound hyperacusis, which is manifested by acute hearing loss and the inability to perceive and understand acoustic stimuli. Although the parents tried everything they could, it wasn’t until the age of 4 that they received a clearer diagnosis, but there are still some medical problems to which they have not found an answer. Despite having a cochlear implant, Selina Maria does not hear, understand, or being developed like a 6-year-old girl.

Often the health of Romanian children is neglected and ignored in Romania, and due to the poor family’s financial situation, the girl could not access the best and most appropriate treatment.

The parents reached despair and sold everything they had, but they still cannot take the fight to this end alone. This fundraising page was made to collect donations for Selina Maria’s treatment.

In order to improve Selena Maria’s health, the parents were advised by the doctor … to undergo neurofeedback therapy, the only solution to her problem that can improve her health. Neurofeedback is a method that helps subjects consciously control their brain waves, and Selena Maria urgently needs this treatment. This therapy is very expensive, and we appeal to your solidarity and kindness to help Selina Maria.

Selina Maria deserves to grow and develop like any other child, get an education, and basically have a normal life.

Let’s give Selena Maria a chance at life, support Selina Maria’s health and help her keep her smile.


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