Journalism Excellence Awards – Ethical reporting on Roma and fight against racism and antigypsyism through the media

The Awards aim to promote a positive image of Roma and marginalised communities in the media, especially with regard to women and children. It contributes directly to the European objectives of promoting an image free from stereotypes and positive examples in order to drive a change in people’s perception.

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We are launching a call for applications from the media sphere (print media, TV media, photographers, reporters, journalists, etc.) in all the Council of Europe (CoE) member states. Five categories will be evaluated and awarded a prize of €2000 at the Awards ceremony to be held in Strasbourg on 18 June 2024:

  • Photojournalism Award;
  • Investigative Journalism Award;
  • Interview Award;
  • Global event Award;
  • Young Journalists Award;

For more information or to apply, please consult the following links: regulations and application form.

The application form must be returned in English only and the journalistic material must be accompanied by an English translation or at least a good quality English summary.

The questions and answers will be subsequently published on the EQUIROM project website for consultation.

For any technical issues, you can contact us at

 The deadline for applications is 9 April 2024.

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