Post-migrant Eastern Europe: Launch of Magazyn RTV’s latest issue

Hleb Burnashev, The Invisible District, 2023

RTV Magazine (Magazyn RTV) is the online platform for art and activism published by the Municipal Gallery Arsenal in Poznan, Poland. The European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC) hosts the launch event of the magazine’s latest issue, dedicated to minorities and migratory movements in Europe; special focus is given to the migration processes that have accelerated after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. It also contains an interview with Anna Mirga-Kruszelnicka, Deputy Director of ERIAC: Reclaiming The Voice: The Roma in The Art World.

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Magazyn RTV presentation and discussion at ERIAC on June 13th, Thursday, 18:30
Reinhardtstraße 41-43, 10117 Berlin

The texts published in this issue were selected through an open call, and not only represent a plurality of voices and attitudes but were produced from the outset with a diverse team. The jury and editorial team comprises artists and artivists, representatives from the Roma (Małgorzata Mirga-Tas), Jewish (Zuzanna Hertzberg), and non-binary (Tomeka Kitlińska) communities.

Together with our readers, we are reminded, that Poland, and Eastern Europe in general, have always been multicultural places where different ways of shaping social reality have been practiced. Situated between two empires (German and Russian), it was a territory where languages, religions and customs overlapped and mixed.

Although many Eastern Europeans have experienced economic and wartime migration, this has not always led to greater openness to newcomers. Migrants and refugees all too often face discrimination, ethnic exclusion, and even physical violence, often with deadly consequences.

By dedicating this issue of RTV Magazine to minorities, we want to remind ourselves of Eastern Europe’s multicultural history, which is once again becoming our present. In doing so, we are making a connection to the multicultural, post-migrant society that lives and coexists in the metropolis of Berlin.

The discussion at ERIAC presents the contributions of artists and cultural producers, who themselves belong to minority groups or have a migration or refugee experience.

Magazyn RTV presentation and discussion at ERIAC

on June 13th, Thursday, 18:30

Reinhardtstraße 41-43, 10117 Berlin

with the participation of:

Luna De Rosa: Italian activist and multimedia artist from the Roma diaspora who lives and works between Berlin and Milan.

Zuzanna Hertzberg: interdisciplinary artist, art activist and researcher. She is a co-founder of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Bloc and a board member of the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute in Poland.

Lesia Pcholka: Belarusian artist, founder and curator of the VEHA archive since 2017. Her work explores everyday life, memory and social issues through art and participatory practice.

Kate Ngan Wa Ao: Macau-born visual artist currently based in Poland. Her artworks are often inspired by visual cultures, childhood memories and identities.

Tomeka Kitlińska: nonbinary artivist, philosopher of culture, and Professor of Curatorial Studies at the Academy of the Arts in Stettin.

Moderation by Zofia nierodzińska: curator, artist and author of texts, based in Berlin.

The event is organised by Galeria Miejska Arsenal and the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture. Free entry.

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