Those who change history are strong people

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Those who change history are strong and determined people. History can only be change by people such as this. Now is the time for those people.

Not that it was not time already a long time ago but 2023 definitely is the time. We have been dragging our behinds for far too long. Time to forget the so-called “leaders” and do the things that have to be done ourselves alone together.

But who will lead us, some will, undoubtedly ask. We do not need any kind of leaders. We need only facilitators if we are prepared to work together for the common good of our People, Amare Chel, and for the future of Amare Chave.

The political approach that has been taken for far too long, trying to do things the Gadje way, has not, is not and is never going to work. We must approach things from the proper angle, and for that we can learn a great deal from our Calon brethren in Brazil, for instance, and also and especially from the Native Americans in the USA (and Canada).

An entirely new approach is needed; one based on Culture, Customs and Traditions, though in a slightly modern way. No one is going to use drums anymore to send messages. We have the Internet and we can make use of it. In fact, much like the Gadje politicians, ours too are afraid of the People making use of it and finding out things about them and their shenanigans.

We have just had the latest IRU Congress in Riga, Latvia, though it would appear that few have heard of it, bar the “leaders”, who once again made decisions for us, on our behalf, as they would claim, without any of us having a say in the matter, they are afraid of the People as a whole.

There are also some that talk about a World Roma Congress in Berlin in 2023. Who do they claim to represent? Well, they are one of the other IRUs, for we now have at least 3 that claim that title and representation. This groups also is very busy, once again, as they were a couple of years ago towards a congress that never happened, of collecting the email addresses of people claiming that this will give those a vote in the congress. We are surrounded by criminals who claim to be our representatives.

The funniest thing – well, not really that funny – at the recent IRU Congress in Riga was a Rom from Kosovo, living in the Netherlands, representing the Rom from Turkey (for that is where he was born, although he was born in Kosovo, which he also said in the interview, thus contradicting himself, though telling the truth in the latter part). Are you still following me?

Time that all those “enemies of the People” were declared to be and treated as palechido, as outcasts, and that we told the world loud and clear that those criminals do not represent us in any way, shape or form.

The particular person I alluded to above, whose name I shall not mention because, as far as I am concerned he is palechido, was, until recently, with one of the other IRUs, the one that was formed by a former president of the IRU who refused to relinquish his position and also the seal. Now he has resurfaced with the “true” IRU. One can but wonder what is going on or whether he is riding two, or maybe even three, horses, all at the same time. He best makes sure he does not fall between those three and gets trampled.

But enough of that one, particular, doshman. Let’s concentrate on the matter in hand, namely really doing something and that can only be done by all of us together in our way and not the Gadje one or even ones.

The Gadje way and ways are not our way and ways and we must change the approach to that of our own and that approach must come from our Purane Droma, our old Ways. It must be lead by true spiritual and cultural leaders, and by facilitators. No one leads but we all work together for the common good.

So far the only good the “leaders” have ever worked for is their own advance and the lining of their own pockets. The People and their true plight have never interested them. They have but been doing the work of the Gadje authorities, more likely knowingly even though we could give them, if we would be charitable, the benefit of the doubt. You may, I won’t because I known many of them personally, or have done.

So we need a Nevo Drom and this Drom needs to be facilitated rather than lead. A Drom that we all walk together not by being led like sheep but with our heads held high and encouraged by the facilitators, who have some experience and ideas.

The ideas, however, need to come from our own Culture, Customs, Traditions and all that, though our real and true ones and not from those that are being claimed to be ours, and with a little help from ideas from our Calon brethren in Brazil and the Native Americans. From both we can learn a great deal. From the former about many aspects of our true Culture, Customs and Traditions, and from the later about some of the politico-cultural reproaches.

It is high time that we, Amare Chel, finally get ourselves into gear, without the so-called “leaders”, which are but “enemies of the People”, and helped ourselves.

Do I have (all) the answers? No, I do not, and that is why we need to get together and talk about what we need and how to go about it.

Michael Smith

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