Critical Approaches to Romani Studies Conference

18 MAJ KL. 08:30–20 MAJ KL. 14:30

Evenemang av CEU Romani Studies Program och Solvor Mjøberg Lauritzen
Södertörns högskola
Längd: 2 dagar
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Critical Approaches to Romani StudiesHybrid conference organized by the Critical Romani Studies Department at Södertörn University and the Romani Studies Program at Central European University, in cooperation with the European Institute for Arts and Culture and the Romani Studies Program at FXB Centre, Harvard University18-20 May 2022Draft program

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Roma have been an object of academic inquiry for centuries. In spite of the increasing number of articles, studies, and books, especially since the collapse of communism, Roma participation in shaping the discourses on themselves has remained very limited. In the name of scientism and objectivity, Roma have been de facto excluded from knowledge production. Recently, an increasing number of activist scholars has been urging a paradigm shift in Romani Studies to challenge the dominant academic and policy discourses. They propose inquiries into the forms of oppression Roma are facing, the importance of racism and structural discrimination for Roma and Romani identity. The conference brings together junior and senior, Roma and non-Roma scholars embracing critical approaches.


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