Do not follow where the path may lead


Do not follow where the path may lead, but go where there is no path, and leave a trail. This also very much applies to us, le Rom, of whichever Nation of ours. Instead of following the “path” of the “ideal” and “role model” of the Gadje we should continue to blaze our own trail, and following the lead of our ancestors.

We are a People apart. We are not the same as they and we have our own path which is not theirs, and never was, in the same way as theirs is not ours. Our Culture, our Customs and Tradition must be our guide to lead us forward and forward we must go as a Nation. Not looking back all the time, as decreed by the Gadje “experts”, our own “experts”, and the “activists” of whichever color, but looking forward to a new dawn, ek Nevo Zora, while remaining true to our Culture and to ourselves, as a People. 

Why would anyone want to emulate the ways of the doshman, be it in ways of politics, religion or other? But that is exactly what so many of Amare Chel are doing and in the pursuit of this also fall into criminal activities, including organized crime.

When it comes to politics, which is the dirtiest business, aside from organized crime, probably, though in many ways they are both equal, the way of the doshman is not and cannot be ours. Aside from the fact that we, le Rom, will never have a chance in Gadje politics anyway and many of Amare who go into general politics, even though often claiming, so as to get Amare Chel to vote for them, to seek to making changes to better the situation of Amare Chel, once they are actually in they change their tune and do the bidding of the party on whose ticket they were elected.

Religion is another one of those aspects where so many poor souls of ours have gone and made themselves slaves to the Gadje religion(s), the worst of all of them being the Pentecostal Evangelical thing. Under Catholicism, Orthodoxy, and even Islam, Amare Chel are more often than not very much left to still celebrate the old way in many ways, although at times “hidden, so to speak, in other festivals, but that is being decreed satanic, however, by the Pentecostal cults, with “pastors” and “elders” lording it over the people and appointing themselves as judge and jury in so many matters, including over the people.

We are being led by our “leaders” down a path that should not be ours because it leads us, away from who and what we are, into becoming an ethnic non-entity and that is exactly their and their masters’ aim; ethnic cleansing done the subtle way. We are encouraged to do away with ourselves as an ethnic entity, as a People, and those leading in the fore are the ones that dare to call themselves our “representatives”. They are not our representatives, neither the Gadje ones, nor the gadjekane Rom, but they are the ones that the Gadje authorities have chosen to be, and that should tell us a great deal.

And, if one cannot, for whatever reason, become one of the Gadje appointed and anointed “leaders” of and lords over the Rom? What does one do if one wants to be ale to lord it over the People, having once been a buli basha or his son or grandson? Well, one uses “church” and makes oneself “pastor” of a “Gypsy Church” and appoints one’s cronies and family members as “Elders”.

Another, further, way of controlling the People, especially the poor masses, is for those “leaders”, those snollygosters, to prey on the poor by providing them loans at exorbitant rates, with the debts secured on the Chave of the debtors as collateral. The “interesting” thing – for lack of a better word – is that many of those loan sharks behaving in this way are also those that claim to be born-again Christians and “pastors” of the flock.

They are not shepherds but wolves, and that goes not just for the pastors but all of them. Flee from them all and walk the Path of Old.

Michael Smith
Tatchipen Media

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