International Roma Day 2023

On the 6th of April, the participants of the ”Roma Youth Together 2023” seminar, along with Bjorn Berge, Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Véronique Bertholle, Deputy Mayor of Strasbourg, and Ioana Spataru, representing TernYpe – International Roma Youth Network, together with Council of Europe staff members, as well as with the student choir Musicascola from the Collèges Rouget de l’Isle and Leclerc in Schiltigheim, gathered to celebrate International Roma Day 2023.

The speakers stressed the rich contribution of Roma and Travellers to the cultural life of Europe, while acknowledging the work still to be done to fight intersectional discrimination.

Bjorne Berge pointed out that the Council of Europe is working on a new legal instrument to help governments achieve equality for Roma girls and women. Véronique Bertholle reaffirmed the determination of the City of Strasbourg to be an incubator for inclusive policies, to welcome with dignity and to support all people to the completeness of their rights.  Finally, Ioana Spataru, emphasised that International Roma Day is above all, a day of celebration and awareness of the unity, autonomy, and diversity of Roma communities.

All joined together for a flower casting ceremony in the river Ill, to the music of Marcel Loeffler and Julien Pidancier, to celebrate Roma culture and unity across the globe.

Speech of Bjorn Berge, Deputy Secretary General >>


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