Journalism Excellence Awards honour media professionals for ethical reporting in combating racism and antigypsyism

Five media professionals have earned Journalism Excellence Awards for the programme “Ethical Media Reporting on Roma and Combating Racism and Antigypsyism through the Media.”

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Organised under the EU-CoE Joint Programme EQUIROM (Equality and Freedom from Discrimination for Roma), as part of the Council of Europe’s No Hate Speech Week, the awards ceremony gathered prominent participants and representatives from Council of Europe member states to celebrate quality, bias-free journalism that promotes a positive image of Roma.

On behalf of the Presidency of the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers, Erika Leonaitė, Parliamentary Ombudsperson of Lithuania, opened the ceremony, followed by Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Michael O’Flaherty.

Vice President of the European Commission for Values and Transparency, Věra Jourová, thanked the winning journalists and media representatives in a video message: “Searching for the truth and trying to tell the untold stories, to strive to give a voice to those who would not have it without you.”

The winners include:

Photojournalism Award – Achilleas Chiras (Greece)

Investigative Journalism Award – Rodothea Seralidou (Germany)

Global event Award – Anna Alboth (Poland)

Interview Award – Gilda-Nancy Horvath (Austria)

Young Journalists Award – Yana Radchenko (Ukraine)

“The winners of the Journalism Excellence Awards exemplify the power of the media in combating antigypsyism and defending the human rights of Roma,” said Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner Michael O’Flaherty. “The media is a key ally in defending the human rights of Roma and in combatting discrimination, hostility, hatred and antigypsyism.”

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