Debatt| Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome


This has now become almost recognized as something afflicting the African Americans who are the offspring, albeit, nowadays, several generations removed, but it also afflicts us, the Romani People, in a way. In the US and other countries of the Americas because our People were the first slaves in those countries, whether it is what is today the USA, or Mexico, or Brazil, etc. not to be forgotten also, in this equation, the time of Romani slavery in Romania.

But what we are affected by worst of all is what we could call the Post Traumatic Holocaust Syndrome. It is holding back most of the advancements that could be made because we keep looking back to the past and commemorating the events rather than concentrating on what is important.

Because our eyes are more or less permanently directed backwards we do not see the repeat performance of the events of the past beginning again. And, I must say, that I have come to believe that this is a deliberate attempt from certain quarters to make it so, so that we are blind to the things that are being prepared for us now to destroy us as a People.

Events such as slavery, holocaust, and others, do imprint themselves on the genetic code, as does a lot more, and create what can be called a Race Memory. Unfortunately this is being turned by certain quarters into an industry and a perpetual victim status. It was done for the African Americans and is, to some extent, the reason why they are still being oppressed and feel oppressed.

More than just than just such events of persecution, however, also imprint themselves on the race memory. In fact, if we but open our mind we will find that we know things of our past, of our Culture, of our Customs and Traditions, that we have never actually been actively taught.

But, back to our Post Traumatic Syndrome: while we do have that seared into our memory, and to some extent it seems to be present even among those of our People that have not been directly affected, such as those that have been outside of Europe already by then (I am referring to Samudaripen), though not to that extent.

However, it also has to be said that for those of ours in Europe,, especially the European mainland, this memory is being used by certain quarters to create a victim culture which strangles almost everything else we do or want to do to advance our People.

Every cultural and other event, as far as those particular people are concerned, has to always have as the main theme the persecution culminating into Samudaripen and presenting traditional Culture is being decried as “stereotyping”, whether it be traditional crafts and occupations being presented, dances or music, aside from, maybe, Sinti Jazz (which, in all honesty, is not a traditional form of Romani music but something created by Django Reinhardt).

On the other hand, when our Calon cousins in Brazil hold fetes and other events the old Culture, with all aspects, takes center stage. Samudaripen may be commemorated but it is not the be all and end all of such events. In Europe, however, it would appear that is by force the case. If we want liberation, true liberation, then we must overcome this victim culture and renew our spirit.

In the same way that a veteran often has to work hard on overcoming PTSD and must not, if he wants to succeed, keep revisiting the events of the past, we must do the same. It is part of our Race Memory, including also slavery, but we must file it away and, as much as possible, leave it in the filing cabinet under lock and key and not keep leafing through the pages of those files all the time.

Looking backwards also, as said before, stops us noticing that the Black Legions are amassing against us once again, though this time they do not, necessarily, wear runes on their gorget patches, aka collar flashes or collar tags.

We are spending too much time in the past, and reliving the past, instead of dealing with the present and the pressing issues of Amare Chel and ensuring, especially, that we, and Amare Chave, are not faced with a repetition of the past by not being prepared to counteract whatever is thrown our way. 

2020 ©Michael Smith