Freedom and rights need to be fought for

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Freedom and rights need to be fought for, have to be fought for, must be fought for, because they do not come by themselves. Waiting for the Gadje to give them to us is like waiting for Godot. It will never happen. We have to fight for them and, yes, at times, this may mean an armed struggle.

Reminding them of the Holocaust of Amare Chel is definitely not working and the “joke” by the so-called comedian Jimmy Carr is but one example. In many cases it puts the Gadje’s back up and makes things even worse while keeping us locked in the past, remembering the events and the dead.’

Jimmy Carr, for instance, knew very well that well over half a million of Amare Chel were murdered during Samudaripen but it made no difference to his attitude and, alas, the attitude of his audience who all laughed and applauded. I won’t go into the details of his “joke”, though. There is no need for it as the Internet is full of the details.

Yes, there are some people who are still unaware of the fact that Rom were persecuted and murdered by the Nazis and their allies in the same way and for the same reason as the Jews. The difference is that the Jews have had a large lobby ever since that time and we, Amare Chel, have been deliberately left out and faced further persecution. More often than not when Amare Chel are mentioned in the list of Holocaust victims it is as “also rans”, often well past others such as asocials, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Socialists, Communists, etc. That Amare Chel were persecuted for the same reason as the Jews, namely on racial grounds, and that the Nuremberg Laws also included us, is often, deliberately, excluded from the stories.

But the past is the past; it cannot be changed. The problems of the present and, alas, the future, we have to deal with and prevent and we can only do that if we are actually prepared to fight for our rights and for our freedom. Fight with all means necessary; with all means, whether legal or not. The “leaders”, who should not be leaders, will do their very best, however, to put a spanner into the works in this department. For they, for their own ends, need the status quo to remain and the majority of Amare Chel and Amare Chave to remain in poverty and without rights and protection. Their incomes depend on this and that is the only thing they are interested in. As long as the status quo can be maintained they can think up new phantom projects for which they can get money from various sources that then ends up in their own bank accounts and pockets, for the audit trail is very faint and in most cases non-existent.

The first act has to be to depose those “leaders” and to actually begin to govern ourselves and speak up for ourselves. If we replace them with speakers then we must ensure that those are of the highest integrity and keep a tight reign on them so that they cannot usurp power unto themselves. We must learn to act as one body and not allow us to be divided, neither by version of the Chib or lack of Chib, neither by group or clan. We must become one; one standing army against the common doshman, which includes his agents among us.

There was a time when many of Amare Chel stood up even for the freedom of others for it also was their own freedom, namely as partisans against the Nazis and those who fought against Franco in Spain. Not that many of them ever gained recognition in their own countries, such as the Polish Romani partisans who, while some having received decorations from the Soviets, rarely, if ever, got any acknowledgment from the Poles. Many gave their lives for the freedom of their countries.

Alas, today, we are not even prepared to fight for the freedom of Amare Chel, our own People. We expect someone else to do it for us and most seems to expect the Gadje, the very doshman, to come and hand those freedoms and rights to us on a silver platter.

I know that most of the “leaders” won’t fight, because it is not in their interest to change the situation of le Rom for reasons I have outlined already above, but the grassroots of Amare Chel are so cowed that they are even prepared to vote for fascist parties who promise them something without them, the People, having understood the manifesto. But money often talks in those cases.

The fight, to some extent, has to begin with the hearts and minds of Amare Chel at the grassroots and with political education in that no (Gadje) political party will ever do anything for them, and that they are just going to be used as useful idiots.

The second step – or at the same time – has to be to get the abandoned and orphaned Chave into loving homes where they can and will be educated in the way of the People. After that the proper battle can be prepared for and commence.

Michael Smith

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