Decolonize the Romani Movement

kollage DIKKO

It is time we did exactly this. But what does it mean and in which era was the Movement colonized?

Aside from the fact that many Romani organizations are run run by Gadje or have Gadje in high decision making positions, even those where it would appear, and let me stress the “would appear”, that they are run by Rom, in both cases they are very much under the influence of the colonists and colonizers. It probably started with the Gypsy Lore Society but it certainly was perpetuated thereafter and is worse today than ever.

Many of the NGOs that are purporting to help the Rom are colonizers themselves, knowingly or more than likely knowingly, as they all to often do not work with the People but claim to be working for them and decide what is best for the People without taking into regard, even, let alone following the wishes and real needs of the People.

To this very day the Romani People are being treated like children who must be told and taught what they need and want, because the White Man knows best. And, alas, some of Amare Chel have fallen deep into that hole, or should we say trap, of believing that those people have their, our, best at heart.

They want to civilize, so they see it, and they still have the same attitude today that they had decades and centuries ago, the Romani People and make us “decent” citizens. By that they mean either to assimilate us and thus destroy us as a People or, well, eradicate us. The way to that has been started a while ago with the authorities in many countries finding one reason after another to remove Chave from their families, placing them into institutions from where they then are forcibly adopted out (better I should say that they are being sold) to Gadje (or even for nefarious purposes).

They do not even have to kill us physically. All they have to do is remove the Chave from the families and the influence, how little it may only be today, of our Culture, our Traditions and Customs and the Chave will no longer know, after a while, and certainly not their offspring, that they are Romani and what it means.

This is ethnocide pure and simple and in many ways, alas, many of “our” organizations are actively participating either in their actions or their inaction. It has to be said that they often do this to such an extent that they prevent others of the People who want to find another way in doing their work, at times even threatening the very people wishing to that, even with violence.

It would appear that there that some of the “leaders” of Romani organizations, Rom and Gadje alike, have a vested interest in the removal of Chave from their families and from the influence of their families.

Those rotten eggs, whatever their color, are acting like a colonial power over the Rom in general, and that not only in that they are making decisions for and on behalf of the People without consulting the People themselves. They also do their very best to keep the majority of the Romani People in abject poverty, preventing anyone who wants to change that status from doing so, because that very poverty of the majority suits their interests.

In fact, they benefit financially in several ways from this poverty and destitution among the People, and also by way of being able to exercise power of the People, It, unfortunately, also includes many of the so-called and self-proclaimed pastors of Gypsy Churches.

Those people need to be removed from their positions and not be permitted to have any influence among and over the People ever again. We must decolonize the Romani Movement and should take a leaf or two out of the book of the Native American Movement on how to do it.

Michael Smith

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